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EmerSim® is an award-winning vital signs monitor simulator, developed with the input of doctors and medical professionals with the purpose of improving emergency care training.
A controller device enables the instructor to manipulate the vital signs display, replicating the various scenarios and challenges presented in real-life situations.


Trainers can preset vital signs sets, and vital signs values can be easily changed with a single tap.

And trainers can change the value with slide-bar and +/- buttons also.

Multiple sound effect options for realistic training enhancement are also including.

Trainees will be prepared for real-world experience and have a better understanding of emergency care.

EmerSim is simple, yet effective cloud application, enabling you to perform training with vital sign monitor anywhere.


You don't need any special device,  you need only Internet connection and your already-own ordinary devices as a monitor and a controller.

Tablet, Laptop, and Desktop-PC can be a monitor or a controller.

Smart phone can be a monitor.

TV, LCD monitor, and projector can be a monitor connecting to your PC with HDMI cable.

EmerSim is achieved 2 awards.

1. SME Excellence new technology & product award 2018

2. MEBUKI Business award 2018

EmerSim Waveform Varieties


  • Normal -NSR

  • 1° block

  • 2° block (Mobiz I)

  • 2° block (Mobiz II)

  • 3° block

  • Asystole

  • Atrial fibrillation

  • Atrial flutter

  • Junctional

  • LBBB

  • RBBB

  • ST elevation

  • SVT

  • Torsades de pointes

  • VF

  • VT


Arterial oxygen saturation

  • Normal

  • Poor perfusion


  • You can see the examples of use cases by PDF

  • You can see our brochure by PDF


Client Environment


You can use Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Microsoft Edge etc.

(You cannot use with Internet Explorer)
(You cannot use with old version (ex. iOS: Default browser works more than Ver.9))


You can purchase "EmerSim" from 2R Enterprise(nl) as our reseller of whole Europe.

Please visit 2R Enterprise web site.

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