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Frequently asked questions


Can EmerSim® be linked with medical mannequins?

EmerSim® cannot not be linked with medical mannequins.

This system is designed for easy training, using mannequin is optional.

Depending on action of the student, the instructor or instructor assistant will proceed with the training by easily changing the vitals with the "controller" at hand.

"Controller" and "Monitor" in EmerSim® are not displayed properly.

EmerSim® is available in most browsers, but is not compatible with the "Internet Explorer" that came with older Windows.

For iPad / iPhone, it works with the standard browser installed in iOS Ver.9 or higher. Older ones will not work properly, so please use a modern device.

I can't hear vital signs or other sounds when I connect to a display.

Check if the connected display has speakers in it.

Some LCD displays for personal computers do not have a speakers.

Also, check that sound output device is not muted or the volume is not set to 0.

How to share "Monitor" or "Controller" URL?

"Monitor" and "Controller" can be opened by clicking the URL displayed in the "Training list" of the "Training Management Site" during the holding time.

However, if you have the URL, you can open the "Monitor" and "Controller" during the holding time without having to open the "Training Management Site", which is convenient.

You may want to write down the URL in your calendar software or schedule management software, or let the trainer (instructor) know the URL in advance. In that case, you can copy and paste from the URL of the "Training Management Site", and we also recommend the "Copy training reservations to clipboard." button. The event information will be copied to the clipboard, so all you have to do is paste it into your email software or calendar software.

However, there are some points to note. If you want to notify other people of the "Controller" URL and "Monitor" URL, we recommend that you do not paste it on LINE or Facebook Messenger, but use another means such as email. This is because if you notify the URL with a tool such as LINE or Facebook Messenger, and you click the URL to open EmerSim®, it will be opened with the browser built into that tool. Please use EmerSim® with a general browser.

Device, Monitor

Are there any precautions to be taken when setting up the computer (tablet) used for the first time in the training?

If possible, we recommend that you turn off the screen saver setting on your computer (tablet) (or set it for a long time) during the course, and do not set password for the lockscreen.

If the screen goes black during training and you try to restore it, you will be asked for the password, remembering password could be troublesome and the tempo of the training may be lost. Also, if you use a tablet or smartphone as a "Controller" and accidentally press the power button, the screen will go dark and you may be asked for your password when you return.

When using a tablet etc. as a "Controller", should I use it with portrait or landscape mode?

When using it as a "Controller", it is recommended to use a tablet etc. in a landscape mode.

It can also be used in a portrait mode, but the screen may be cluttered and control could be difficult. It should to be the easiest to use if you set device to a landscape mode and lock the screen if possible.

It seems that HDMI can be used to connect to a TV / LCD display, etc. What is HDMI?

HDMI is the name of the standard. If your TV, LCD screen, projector, or personal computer has an "HDMI" port, you can connect it with an "HDMI cable."

You can display the "Monitor" screen of EmerSim® on the output device connected by HDMI. Also, if the output device supports HDMI audio output, "Monitor" sound will be played.

Below are HDMI ports examples
Below is HDMI cable example For a configuration example using HDMI, refer to "Use case" in the manual page.

Is EmerSim® cannot be used without HDMI cable?

No, it can be used without HDMI cable.

Where can I buy HDMI cable? How much is it?

You can buy it at an internet shop of an electric appliance store for around $10.

EmerSim® functions

Is it possible to update EmerSim® version?

EmerSim® is a cloud service and you are always using the latest version.

What are available electrocardiograms?

It is possible to select different electrocardiograms in the "Controller". The list is below:
Normal - NSR
1 degree block
2 degree block(Mobitz I)
2 degree block(Mobitz II)
Atrial fibrillation
Atrial flutter
LBBB (Left bundle branch block)
RBBB (Right bundle branch block)
ST elevation
SVT (Supraventricular tachycardia)
Torsades de pointes
VF (Ventricular fibrillation)
VT (Ventricular tachycardia)

In addition, the waveform of arterial oxygen saturation can be selected from the following two types.
Poor perfusion

Vital sign numbers or waveforms are not displayed in "Monitor".

On the "Controller" screen, turn on the display of each vital item.

Each vital item has an icon that means monitor. By pressing it, you can switch between display and non-display.

In the initial state, it is hidden. You can display it by pressing on the monitor display icon.

I cannot find the scene that I set in scenario.

If you set many scenes (vital value sets) in one scenario, they may not fit on the screen.

Try scrolling the scene list upwards. You should be able to see the scene that was hidden in the bottom of the screen.

Where is it possible to add/change/delete scenarios?

From "EmerSim® Training Management Site" proceed to "Scenario settings", in a new window you will be able to add, change or delete scenarios.

Could you include the scenario set of the training course as standard?

If you are training course organizer who wishes to list the scenario sets of various training courses as standard, please contact us. We can add it to the list so that each instructor can hold it immediately without adding a scenario.

The vital sign sound becomes quieter when the simulated defibrillator is "charging", is it a malfunction?

This is not a malfunction. While the "beep-beep-beep" sound indicating "charging" and the "beee-" sound indicating "charging completed" are playing, the vital sign sound becomes quieter because the trainees can recognize the charging-related sounds. In addition, the balance of the volume is adjusted.

Is it possible to freely change vital sign values?

Yes, it is possible to change it. There are 4 ways how to do it.

1 Change each of the four vital signs (HR, SpO2, BP, RESP) to preset values ​​with one tap (one click)
2 Change each vital sign individually with the slide bar
3 Change each vital sign individually with the number keys
4 Change each vital sign individually with the "+", "-"buttons

Refer to user manual for details:

one tap (one click) change: page 9
slide bar, number keys, "+", "-"buttons : page 14


Where can I download user manual or quick start guide?

It is possible to download PDF file from downloads page.