Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) 

Frequently asked questions

For connecting to the "monitor", beside wireless(Wi-Fi), wired (HDMI) is also possible. What is HDMI?

HDMI is a standard name of video/sound transfer.
If there is HDMI port on the TV, LCD monitor, projector or PC, HDMI cable can be connected to it.
Output devices that are connected to the EmerSim with HDMI cable, may display "monitor" screen. If output device also has audio output, "monitor" sounds will be played.
Below is HDMI port example.

Is it possible to connect [EmerSim] with medical mannequin?

Connection is not possible.
The system is designed to use optional mannequin for handy training.
Depending on trainee action, instructor or assistant can easily change the vitals with the [controller] and proceed with training.

Is it possible to update the device?

We sometimes provide update version for purchased user free for small versionup. Major version up might be need optional fee. Update is able to do with your Windows PC that connect with EmerSim via Wi-Fi. Now, no updates available (16th Oct 2019). When upate version is available, it will release in "Download" page in this sight.

I have lost user manual and/or quick start guide.

Please refer to [Downloads] page for the PDF files.

When using [Controller]  with a tablet device, which display rotation is optimal?

Turn the tablet on the horizontal side (landscape) and use it with [Controller].
While it is possible to use in vertical (portrait) position, some elements might not display properly.
The recommended usage is horizontal side (landscape) display with locked rotation.

I can't find the scene I set for the scenario

When setting several scenes for the scenario, they might not fit into the display.
Please scroll the scene list and hidden scenes should become visible.

Are there any important points when using PC or tablet for the course (training) for the first time?

During training or course, please turn off or postpone screen saver / screen lock on the PC / tablet.
Removing password from screen lock is also an option.

The training course might be affected as PC or tablet device screen turns off or password input for the device is prompted.
Be careful not to push the power button of the device, causing it to switch to screen save or screen lock.

[EmerSim] cannot be used without HDMI cable?

No. While it's easier to setup with HDMI cable, [EmerSim] can be used wirelessly (Wi-Fi).
Please refer to wireless usage example.

Where HDMI cable can be purchased. How much is it?

HDMI cable can be purchased at on-line store or at your local electric appliance store for about $10 USD.
It's also possible to purchase on the [EmerSim] home page.
Please use our shop page to purchase [HDMI Cable].

HDMI output is not displaying on TV or LCD monitor.

The connected screen type of TV or LCD monitor, resolution or refresh rate settings might not be suitable.
On [Controller] screen, proceed to [Settings] from start-up page and then to [Screen Output(HDMI)Settings] and set output settings appropriately.
(On smartphones or other narrow screen devices, [Settings] function is not available. Please connect PC or tablet with wider screen to use it.)

The information that needed for settings - (1) TV / LCD monitor resolution, (2) refresh rate, (3) aspect ratio). Please refer to your LCD monitor or TV manual for the specifications.
If required information cannot be found, refer to below.
(1) Resolution will be displayed in pixel count (i.e. 1920x1080). Other expressions like [Full HD] might be displayed. Full HD = 1080p(1920x1080), HD = 720p, WQHD (2K) = 1440p, 4K = 2160p.The "p" after the numbers meansp = progressive scan = non-interlace scanningi = interlace scan = jump scanIf above mentioned on the TV or LCD monitor, please use it.Many recent devices uses [p]. Some older models might use [i].
(2) Most LCD TV use 60Hz refresh rate.
Some smoother refreshing TV might have 100Hz, 120Hz, 200Hz, etc.
If there any mention of [Hz] on the TV, please use it.
Older models or smaller screens might be 24Hz, 30Hz, 50Hz, etc. (3) Most recent panels are 16:9. Older, not wide screen models mostly 4:3.
[EmerSim] supports these 2 types.

Vital signs, waveforms are not displayed on the [Monitor]

On [Controller] screen, please switch each vital item display to ON.
Each vital item has "monitor" icon meaning display. By clicking on it, it will toggle vital item display ON/OFF on the [Monitor].
Initially, vital items are not displayed. Please toggle vital items display ON/OFF depending on the training progress.

I can't hear the sound

Does the connected TV or LCD monitor has speakers function?
Some LCD monitors don't have speakers in them, please confirm it.

Also make sure the sound is not muted or volume is not [0] on the TV / LCD monitor side. Unmute it or raise volume to make it audible.

Wi-Fi is not connecting

Is Wi-Fi signal strong enough?
If there longer distance, wall in between, etc... radio wave might get weaker and not connect. Please move [EmerSim] closer to connecting device and make sure there no wall in between devices.

Also, have you finished Wi-Fi settings? Please check to your device Wi-Fi settings and connect to [EmerSim] SSID.
Please refer to [EmerSim - Quick Start Guide] - [◼ 3-2. Preparing your PC, smartphone].

Can multiple [EmerSim] devices be used at the same time? Planning to use [EmerSim] in multiple booths with thin partition.

No problem.
After selecting appropriate [SSID], password input and accessing to the IP address in the browser, each device will connect accordingly.
There won't be connection to other devices.

When using multiple devices in multiple booth, please arrange [SSID], [Password] and [IP address] to each booth and let instructors know about it.

In [Settings] in start-up screen, proceed to [Wireless(Wifi)Settings], there it is possible to change Wi-Fi channel.
If specific Wi-Fi channel is considered crowded, please change to different channel accordingly.

(On smartphones or other narrow screen devices, [Settings] function is not available. Please connect PC or tablet with wider screen to use it.)

The page layout in the browser seems to be broken?

[EmerSim] can be used on most browsers.
Internet Explorer which comes with older Windows is not supported.
iPad/iPhone with ver.9 and above is supported with default browser.
Older devices might not be supported. Please use modern commonly used device.

Device got disconnected in middle of training. [EmerSim] is not operating?

Please make sure the power plug is properly connected to the [EmerSim].
Also make sure the red LED lamp is lightened on the [EmerSim].

If red LED lamp is OFF, reconnect power cable to the [EmerSim].

Also make sure [EmerSim] is not overheated. When device is overheated it might stop functioning. Please don't set [EmerSim] near heat generating sources or direct sun. If device is overheated, please remove power cable from the device, let it cool down and connect power cable again.

Once red LED lamp is lightened and [EmerSim] device is not under the heat, it should operate normally. Please recheck [Controller] or [Monitor] Wi-Fi settings. Also refer to [Wi-Fi is not connecting] FAQ.

How to add / edit / remove scenarios?

On right top of the start-up screen click [Settings] and then [Scenario Settings].

On smartphones or other narrow screen devices, [Settings] function is not available. Please connect PC or tablet with wider screen to use it.